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Based on 553 customer reviews from our shopper community, Ulta Beauty’s overall rating is 3.42 out of 5 stars and 72% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. 57% of reviewers consider Ulta Beauty overall a good value option, based on a rating of 2.86 from 21 votes. Most consumers are generally satisfied with Price & Quality (3.17 / 23 reviews) Ulta Beauty offers. The most common issues with Ulta Beauty are around Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy and Customer Service based on a rating of 2.17, 2.63 and 2.50.


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May 13, 2023
"Glitchy app and same glitchy website"
Glitchy app and same glitchy website. Impossible to connect PayPal to pay - just kicks you back to check-out page. They won't allow you to place an order if you are traveling and trying to do it outside of USA even though it is not mentioned anywhere and even though you try to pay with your American bank cards. Customer support tells lies and many of the "specialists" have no clue what's going on and just give random reasons and excuses that have nothing to do with an actual situation.
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May 11, 2023
"If I could give a zero I would have"
If I could give a zero I would have. I have a gift card with $$ on it. When I tried to use it in a store, there was a card read error and I was instructed to call the customer service # on card. I tried and got the run around and was hung up on 3 times. I usually ask for a gift card for mother's day but if I can't use it or get help accessing $$, that's wrong!!!!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE
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May 09, 2023
"People in 1742N"
People in 1742N. Loop 1604 has horrible service, their attitude towards me was discriminatory because I was wearing a sweatshirt that looked a bit old and cross country shoes. however I bought $194 worth of beauty products. No one investigates these people for their appalling attention? So close the store and we can buy online!
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May 06, 2023
"Stop pressuring us to share our phone…"
Stop pressuring us to share our phone numbers if we already told you we don’t want to disclose it. After I told the cashier I didn’t want to use a phone number at checkout, he proceeded to ask me for a family or friend’s phone number to use instead.
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May 06, 2023
"For Christmas shopping I went to ulta…"
For Christmas shopping I went to ulta for my sister's gift as well as my 4 daughters. The young man there was super helpful with suggestions and very knowledgeable. He was friendly kind and also quite funny!
I went last week to do some mothers day shopping and was so disappointed that the guy wasn't there anymore. He was a tall bearded guy. I was really looking forward to seeing him again because he helped me TREMENDOUSLY at Christmas.
Noone there compared to him and I ended up leaving with just a lip gloss for myself. Not going there anymore! 😒 Not the Flemington location, no more.
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May 05, 2023
"Worst experience ever(online & on stores both r bad)"
I don’t have word to say soo bad experience online I was ordering online at Ulta.com they blocked me without any reason ,I called them to resolve my problem soo I can submit my order they are not interested in selling their products!!no one called back when people buy online they have rights to use their coupons & Ulta.com they block on using coupons.
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May 04, 2023
I love Ulta, I'm generally always able to find what I'm looking for with relative ease. All of the employees are always so helpful, I've never met an Ulta employee who was rude or judgemental.
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May 04, 2023
"Ulta beauty in harlingen"
The salon place is horrible and way to pricey. I went in to get my hair colored for the first time. It was clean and staff was okay, not the greatest. I specifically said I wanted dark undertones or chocolate highlights. And I did not want to come out with blonde streaks or orange hair and whats the first thing I get ORANGE hair. On top of that I literally have a straight line across my head where you can tell where the orange color started. I was left with dye on my forehead and cheeks and was told that it will wash away. Umm excuse me I'm supposed to walk around with dye on my face the whole day????? And I was still forced to pay a pretty penny. What a disgrace 😤
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May 04, 2023
"Hey, Ulta, STOP the COUPONS if you keep EXCLUDING almost EVERY BRAND!"
Just stop with the catchy emails and coupons. You exclude all the brands everyone wants to purchase from your 20% off. If you offer a coupon, make it valid for what your customers want to purchase. Trust me, there are many other places to shop for beauty products.
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May 01, 2023
This company predatorily gets customers to open credit cards during checkout, only to renege on the promised 20% off your first purchase. Instead, they make you wait days for an email with the supposed "coupon code" and then prevent you from redeeming it with an error message. I contacted them and have received no response yet. An obvious tactic to delay, delay until they can say 'oh no we can't help you, your coupon has already expired :("
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April 30, 2023
"ULTA ruined my hair!"
I am extremely disappointed with the treatment I received at Ulta, due to extreme damage to my hair caused by the stylists' negligence. I went to Ulta at the Citrus Park location in Tampa for hair services and what I received, three stylists later, was extremely damaged hair and a chopped-up haircut as shown in the pictures. This post is a little long, but I wanted to explain exactly what occurred.

The first stylist I saw was Gina. I was looking for a simple haircut and some highlights. What I ended up with was a permanent black coloring to the roots (when my hair is a medium brown) which looked horrible as I had asked her for honey-colored highlights. With my haircut, she chopped it in chunks (way beyond the length I wanted) in an attempt to remove the highlighted portions that she had already damaged. After complaining to the manager she asked Gina to redo my hair and again Gina was unable to fix it.

They then passed me to a second stylist named Ashley who suggested Balayage, and in addition was going to use a technique of something she saw on TikTok which is braiding the hair and coloring using Balayage. Again she used black permanent coloring in my roots just as Gina had done prior. The result was worse than before. My hair looked like a multi-colored zebra.

Then after spending more money, I asked the manager, Melvin, to help me fix this issue once and for all and he brought me to, yet another lady named Monica, who is an older stylist, more experienced, and would repair all the damage previously done. The results were now atrocious. Adding to the damage, she repeated the same processes and began cutting my hair without my permission (she said she was going to fix the awful haircut that Gina did) but in reality, was trying to clean up all the highlighted damage that she just put in which didn't take. To the point that my hair end up shorter than before and breaking and gooey when wet.

The following day I came to the store with my husband and spoke again with Melvin and discussed the entire situation. I told him that I was being extremely nice complying with the different stylists working on my hair, with the hope that the next one would help to fix the damage. Mind you, I was paying for this fix every time I came to the store. I then requested the name, address and phone number of the District Manager to see if she could help me. Melvin suggested, with my permission, that he would contact her, explain what was going on and to expect a phone call from her; even providing the area code that the call would come from. Well, I never heard from this lady, or for that matter, anyone else from Ulta.

I think it's sad that a chain salon like Ulta would treat their customers like this. I highly recommend that you go somewhere else for your hair services. Some place that truly cares about their customers.
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April 25, 2023
"I went to this store last week to find…Soap and Glory products"
I went to this store last week to find a couple of Soap and Glory items I recently ran out of. As I walked around not seeing any of the items, I noticed a worker asking people if they needed help or where they finding every thing they need. She never asked me. I just kept looking around eventually moving towards the back of the store, I could still hear this person asking others if they needed help and never coming to me. When I herd the same voice the fourth time, I looked at her and saw she was literally asking the same person again if they needed help but still never asked me. She had walked past me again. I was convinced she was avoiding asking me if I needed help. I was about to leave the store when finially someone in a red dress came and asked me if I needed help. I immediately told her about how that other staff member had bounced all around me and never asked me if I needed help. She apologized and eventually she told me that the Soap and Glory products I was looking for were discontinued. I did leave the store and found and ordered the products I was looking for online. However when I went to the Ulta website it says it shows that they still sell the products. W.T.HECK
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April 25, 2023
"Took my money but told me my order was…"
Took my money but told me my order was incomplete. Tried to blame my bank when clearly it was their fault. Also kept making excuses and instructing me to reorder without refunding my money first. I went ahead and reordered my items and they still collected the first payment. Now I have to wait days to get my money back through my bank. My first time ordering from this company and I had a bad experience after they assured me that the pending charge would not be taken. Customer service is horrible and I will never order from them again.
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April 23, 2023
"I would not recommend the brow bar"
I would not recommend the brow bar. I had a 1:00 pm appointment today and I arrived early. I live 30 minutes away and I like to arrive early to my appointments because I respect others time. I went inside to see if the brow specialist could take me earlier IF she had availability. She said she couldn’t so I said, “ok, no problem I was just checking. I’ll just walk around until then.” She seemed bothered and not very polite in that moment. But I just brushed it off. I came back at 12:57 and she had someone in the chair and she was JUST starting their brows. She asked me if I had an appointment as if she’d never seen me before and I said, yes at 1:00 PM( as we previously discussed) She then told me to walk around the store that she would be about 10-15 minutes. I requested that she cancel my appointment. What is the purpose of me making an appointment if it is not going to be honored. As I walked away I could hear her discussing it with the client she took in MY place. Nathalia R was very dismissive and if this is the way that Ulta allows their employees to treat their patrons then I will not be one of them.
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April 22, 2023
"Love the Ulta in North Brunswick"
Love the Ulta in North Brunswick, NJ! Great selection of products and the customer service is excellent

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Is this the only place to buy ulta products or are there online stores that are cheaper?

December 10, 2020

“If you're asking about Ulta's brand, you can only buy it at Ulta. Other items can be purchased through other retailers. However, you have to really dig to find anything cheaper than Ulta. Especially during a sale and with a coupon.”

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